Tasmanian Truffle granules  are our amazing alternative to our out of season fresh truffles. Our freeze dried truffles in granule form allow flavour and nutritional content to remain unchanged .

Simplicity is the basis of this innovative delicacy.

The process only removes the moisture content from the fresh truffle therefore there is no chemical manipulation whatsoever in this process.The truffle does not contain any preservatives nor flavourings , this product is pure truffle that has been grown on our farm.The truffle becomes 80% lighter in weight  though still holding its taste once it has been added to your dish of choice.

Use our product generously on or in your dish and you will benefit from the truffle coming back to life with its wonderful aroma and flavour within minutes.The granules can be used as they are or can be used in a grinder if you prefer an even finer form of this delicacy , depending on your dish of choice.

The truffle  granules can be kept unopened in its satchel for up to two years at room temperature, once opened it will last for up to three to four weeks , if resealed and refrigerated.

Our product comes in 10 gram satchels , making it a very affordable light weight product for shipment purposes - this equates to 50  grams of fresh truffle.

Prices of shipping on application , will depend on your requirements and destination .

Price per 10 gram pouch @ $40 each.

Wholesale clients please contact us for POA 

Email :       leonie(at)trufflesoftasmania(dot)com.au