Truffle Products


Watch this page for the launch this winter for the only range of truffle products that actually have only truffle providing your truffles experience! 


There are truffle products and products that claim to be truffle products!  There is NO OIL in truffles and there is no Truffle Oil available for purchase in the world today that has not gained its truffle aroma by just adding a synthetic chemical to Olive or vegetable oil.  In fact just about every truffle product available (Balsamic, Cream sauces, honey, salt and mustard), which, whilst have some real truffle in them actually gain the majority of their aroma from chemicals and not from truffles.


Truffle Slicers/Razors

Get ready for Truffle season with this Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer , made in Italy and designed for the most fussy of truffle lovers   

An adjustable blade allowing you to evenly shave your truffles as thin as 0.2 millimetres or as think as 2.5 centimetres 

Cost  : $45 each ( plus postage )  


For the Executive chef or food lover who has it all.

Handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality wood of an olive tree , this truffle slicer/razor comes presented in it's own carry bag.

With an adjustable stainless steel blade allowing you to evenly shave your truffles as thin as 0.2 millimeters to as thick as 2.5 centimeters .

It can also be used to slice or shave a number of different foods such as fruit,vegetables, mushrooms, cheese and even chocolate.

Cost : $70 each ( plus postage )


 Vacuum sealed frozen Perigord Black Truffles

 Trimmings @ $1.50 per gram

 Small truffles @ $1.80 per gram  (mix of sizes in pouch ranging up to approximately 8 gr each

 Pouch weights available:  25gr /50gr/100gr 



 Vacuum sealed frozen Muscatel Black Truffles - see our Grades of Truffles page for further  description

 Trimmings @ $0.55 per gram

 Small truffles @ $0.75 per gram (mix of sizes in pouch, each truffle ranging up to 20gr in size)

 First Grade truffles @ $0.95 per gram (truffles over 20 gr in size)

 Pouch weights available: 25gr/50gr/100gr 


All orders sent are packed with ice pouches in a polystyrene carton and delivered via Australian Post Overnight Express to their allocated overnight delivery areas

Pouch weights may vary approximately a gram either way:costs will be calculated at time of sale/order

Post and packing costs: $35 for weights up to 500 gr (east coast Australia, POA for larger amounts and/or destinations)

The above can also be purchased at farm gate and/or at time of your organized farm tour : refer to our Truffle Tours page for further information on bookings