Grades of Truffles


Here at truffles of tasmania we give you a 100% guarantee that all our truffles are produced by us on our plantation . Our aim is to supply you with the freshest truffles possible.

truffles of tasmania are grown in a cooler part of Australia and they tend to grow slower than truffles grown in warmer parts of Australia. It has been scientifically proven that our truffles are firmer and we believe this cold climate firmness contributes to our rich perfume that warmer climate truffles lack.

Truffles will lose approximately 3% of their bodyweight daily as they are living things and transpire as we do. Hence we wrap and weigh our truffles individually. With each shipment over a kg we do include some extra truffle to compensate you for this loss of weight between the farm gate to you.


Extra grade - which is the nice even shaped truffle which can be presented at the table for shaving with great aroma for the traditional truffle five star experience.


First grade - which is the vast majority of our crop. These truffles may be of uneven shape or cut down to a size above 20 grams, but still have the same great aroma and still totally useable by the chef who prepares in the kitchen. It is interesting how we arrived at this grade because there are so many theories in the truffle world on grading. Most methods globally are aimed at finding a way to drive the price down by differences that are all subjective. We sat down with 4 Michelin hatted chefs and asked them what they really require from their truffle to make them a return. They all summarised first grade as any piece of truffles that had great aroma and was all useable, meaning no rot or slug holes etc, but shape was not important to them as long as it was entirely useable! We believe this is a commonsense approach and all our existing clients around the world have now accepted our methods.



Smalls and pieces - are exactly as it sounds with truffles less than 20 grams and pieces that have been cut off larger truffles for one reason or another. These truffles still have to have great aroma and be totally useable, but due to their size are not normally used as table truffles but prepared in the in the kitchen.

We also guarantee each and every truffle that we sell to be of the highest quality we can achieve on the day and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our quality or service please feel free to get back to us anytime

The season runs from June until September depending upon seasonal conditions.To enquire about truffle supplies for this coming season, pricing or to place orders please go to our Contact page 

We ship anywhere in the world the same day as the truffles are harvested. The minimum international order is 1kg. All export prices are FOB Launceston Airport, Tasmania. Domestic truffles are shipped overnight via Express post and all postage and packaging charges are paid for by the customer. The minimum domestic order is 100g.