About truffles of tasmania

truffles of tasmania owns and operates a plantation totalling 50 hectares in a rural farming dominated region in northern Tasmania near a small town called Deloraine (population of 4500). We are situated under the great Western Tiers mountain range with year round fresh clean air and regular snow falls in winter harvest period.  Most of the plantation is from 11 years old up to 15 years old and all truffles are harvested under English/French oaks or the evergreen home oak by our well trained team of dogs. Our harvest season runs from June until mid September. We have an export standard grading and packing facility to cope with the extra quantities.


Our people 


Mark Bowerman ,farm manager at  truffles of tasmania.    Mark has been involved in the truffle industry for many years , he is  highly experienced in the day to day running of the farm along with having a vast knowledge of the history of truffles in Tasmania.


   Mark and Rex                                                                                   



Julie Donahue , is our expert truffle grader , she has had several years of experience in this field .Julie has a vast knowledge not only in the grading of  truffles for our chefs and clients around the world but is also  highly experienced  in truffle hunting and dog training. 



               Julie and Bundi